Special effects of Poverty in Pakistan are limitless. Almost every side of life is affected straightly and unstraightly. To understand in better way we have divided the Effects of Poverty in Pakistan in two categories.


first and most instant Effects of Poverty in Pakistani civilization is that People will not send their child to Schools. As we know that “CHILD IS THE FATHER OF TOMORROW”, if our child wasted in this way then not only our Society but nation will face problems in the future. Today in Pakistan about 4 million Children in the age group of 5-14 years are working (Federal Bureau of Statistics).(FBS)

This is poverty which strength them to work in the formative years at very unsafe places Underground mines, work with live electrical wires over 50 V, Cement industry, Tobacco process and manufacturing .

De-track from Moral and Religious values.

“No man can adoration God or love his neighbor on an unfilled stomach”

From the above quotes we can very easily recognize that what people are doing in the state of Poverty. They did not care of the honest or Religious value. What is good for them is that which gratify their needs and provisions.

Crimes and Violence.

Crime and violence is the direct Effect of Poverty in Pakistan. The mainly common form of human trafficking is for prostitution (violence), which is largely fueled by poverty. According to a survey, most of poor men violence on their wives for income purposes. They force their women family members to earn something even by advertising their bodies. Street crime is also the eventual Effect of Poverty in Pakistan

Sub-standard lives.

By observing above factors one can very simply understand that generally Effect of Poverty in Pakistani civilization is that, they are living Sub-Standard life.

Health Problem.

Poor people are suffering from lots of diseases. They haven’t sufficient resources for management. This is the reason that Pakistanis ranked 135th out of 194 countries in the Index of Life expectation at the time of Birth. InPakistan the life expectation rate at the time of Birth is very low i.e. 65 years. while, in western countries it is 80+ years i.e.Japan,Hong Kong,Australia,Switzerland,Iceland.



Terrorism is not only the problem of any exact country, but, it is the problem of the world. But on the other hand we should also understand that in Pakistan the terrorist are produced more than any country of the world that is why Pakistan is called the TERRORIST FACTORY. The logic following is that, the Pakistani people are unqualified, poor and victims of War on Terrorism. Here people are very easily sold and purchased even at very low amount of money. They did not care of their lives. Due to lack of education they are convinced for suicide bombing. Today because of War on Terrorism we are paying uncountable amount every year. According to an officials figures the cost of this war is between $30-40 billion.


Due to bad environment (Law and Order) not only foreign investors are unwilling to invest here but our domestic investors are also. Our financial system is totally collapsed and our debt-trap is reduction day by day. As of December 2010, our total foreign debt was $58.5 billion. About 30% of GDP every year we are paying as Debt service.

Dependence on Aid.

In such state we have not any other alternative but to depend on Foreign Aid. Now it is ordinary that in exchange we have to cooperation on some issues. Today Drone attacks are the effect of that Aid.

The Social and Political discord.

Generally in our country there will be nothing but conflicts in every sector of Pakistan.

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