Sindh, due to its relative biological isolation from the rest of the provinces, has produced its own exclusive culture. It is rich in arts, music, poetry and literature.
The Sindhi language is a derivate of Sanskrit and is closely associated to the ancient Prakrit. It is the authorized language of the province of Sindh and the second most spoken language in Pakistan.
Sindh is home to two world tradition sites, Mohenjodaro which lies on the right bank of Indus in Larkana district and Makli, in Thatta district. Further, cities like Thatta, Shikarpur, Sukku, Bukku, Rohri and Hyderabad hold some of the nearly everyone beautiful buildings and old tombs in the country, which are confirmation of the rich history of the province.
The people of Sindh are accomplished in a selection of arts and crafts. The province boasts of wonderful pottery, variegated glazed tiles, lacquer-work, hand-woven textiles like sussi and ajrak and a variety of skin and straw products.













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Pakistan, legitimately the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, located in South Asia has 650 miles of coastline on the Arabian Sea and Gulfof Oman. The west is bounded by Afghanistanand Iran. Indiais to the east and Chinain the far northeast. The country is intentionally located connecting South Asia, Central Asia, and the Middle East. Land is a valuable natural reserve.

Other natural resources include an widespread natural gas supply, some oil, hydro power potential, coal (although not high quality), iron ore, copper, salt, and limestone. undeveloped products are wheat, cotton, rice, sugarcane, eggs, fruit, vegetables, milk, beef, and mutton. Primary business includes textiles, food dispensation, pharmaceuticals, building materials, shrimp, fertilizer, and paper products. Major exports are textiles, rice, leather goods, sports goods, carpets, rugs, and chemicals. Pakistan imports petroleum, machinery, plastic, edible oil, iron, steel, tea, and paper


Pakistan recently revealed one low and four low-to-medium class coal seams in the Punjab. Low sulfur coal was a moment ago reported at the Baluchistan and near Islamabad. Bituminous, sub-bituminous, and lignite coal have been found in Pakistan.

Oil and Gas

Natural gas production is at a high level in Pakistan. expected reserves are 885.3 billion cubic meters (as of January 2009). Gas fields are expected to last for another 20 years. The Sui gas field is the major, secretarial for 26% of Pakistan’s gas produce. Daily manufacture is 19 million cubic meters a day. under the barren mountains of Baluchistan and the sands of Sindh, there are unaffected oil and gas reserves.

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If All The Oil Reserves of Saudi Arab & Iran Put jointly
These Are just about 375 Billion Barrels,
A Single Thar Coal Reserve of  Sindh is about 850 Trillion Cubic Feet,
Which is additional Than Oil Reserves Of Saudi & Iran.

These assets estimated at 850 trillion cubic feet (TCF) of gas, about 30 times higher thanPakistan ‘s established gas reserves of 28 TCF.

Dr Murtaza Mughal president of Pakistan Economy Watch in a declaration said that these reserves of coal worth USD 25 trillion can not only cater the electricity supplies of the country for next 100 years but also save just about four billion dollars in staggering oil import bill.

Just 2% usage of Thar Coal Reserve Can Produce 20,000 Mega Watts of Electricity for next 40Years, without any single Second of Load cracking.
and if the whole reserves are utilized, then it could effortlessly be probable how much energy could be generated.

The coal power generation would cost Pakistan PK.R 5.67 per unit while power generated by Independent Power Projects cost PK.R 9.27.

It Requires Just original 420 Billion Rupees original Investment,
Whereas Pakistan Receives once a year 1220 Billion from Tax Only.

Chinese and other companies had not only approved out surveys and feasibilities of this project but also obtainable 100 percent savings in last 7 to 8 years but the “Petroleum Gang always dispirited them in a very methodical way.

But Petroleum lobby , is very strapping in Pakistan and they are against any other means of power generation excluding for the imported oil. This lobby is major benefactor of the increasing oil bill that is probable above 15 billion dollar this year. Even GOVT. is planning to Sell all these reserve to a company on a very low price.
When Parvez Musharraf was president he gave green signal to embark upon the opening of work on exploiting energy possible of these coal reserves of Thar under a fresh strategy.

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The new charter not with standing, political volatility continued because no established majority party emerged in the National Assembly. Prime Minister Ali remained in office only pending September 1956, when he was not capable to retain his bulk in the National Assembly and was succeeded by Hussain Shaheed Suhrawardy, creator of the Awami League of East Pakistan. He created a union cabinet that incorporated the Awami League and the Republican Party of the West Wing, a new party that was shaped by protester members of the Muslim League. still, President Mirza forced Suhrawardy to resign after he exposed that the prime minister was scheduling to support Firoz Khan Noon, leader of the Republican Party, for the administration in the country’s first general elections, listed for January 1959. The following coalition government, headed by Ismail Ibrahim Chundrigar of the Muslim League, lasted only two months before it was replaced by a Republican social gathering cabinet under Noon..

President Mirza, realize he had no chance of being reelected president and frankly displeased with parliamentary democratic system, proclaimed martial law on October 7, 1958. He dismissed Noon’s government, dissolved the National Assembly, and canceled the listed general elections. Mirza was supported by General Muhammad Ayub Khan, commander in chief of the army, who was named chief martial-law administrator. 20 days later Ayub compulsory the president to resign and understood the presidency himself.

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Special effects of Poverty in Pakistan are limitless. Almost every side of life is affected straightly and unstraightly. To understand in better way we have divided the Effects of Poverty in Pakistan in two categories.


first and most instant Effects of Poverty in Pakistani civilization is that People will not send their child to Schools. As we know that “CHILD IS THE FATHER OF TOMORROW”, if our child wasted in this way then not only our Society but nation will face problems in the future. Today in Pakistan about 4 million Children in the age group of 5-14 years are working (Federal Bureau of Statistics).(FBS)

This is poverty which strength them to work in the formative years at very unsafe places Underground mines, work with live electrical wires over 50 V, Cement industry, Tobacco process and manufacturing .

De-track from Moral and Religious values.

“No man can adoration God or love his neighbor on an unfilled stomach”

From the above quotes we can very easily recognize that what people are doing in the state of Poverty. They did not care of the honest or Religious value. What is good for them is that which gratify their needs and provisions.

Crimes and Violence.

Crime and violence is the direct Effect of Poverty in Pakistan. The mainly common form of human trafficking is for prostitution (violence), which is largely fueled by poverty. According to a survey, most of poor men violence on their wives for income purposes. They force their women family members to earn something even by advertising their bodies. Street crime is also the eventual Effect of Poverty in Pakistan

Sub-standard lives.

By observing above factors one can very simply understand that generally Effect of Poverty in Pakistani civilization is that, they are living Sub-Standard life.

Health Problem.

Poor people are suffering from lots of diseases. They haven’t sufficient resources for management. This is the reason that Pakistanis ranked 135th out of 194 countries in the Index of Life expectation at the time of Birth. InPakistan the life expectation rate at the time of Birth is very low i.e. 65 years. while, in western countries it is 80+ years i.e.Japan,Hong Kong,Australia,Switzerland,Iceland.



Terrorism is not only the problem of any exact country, but, it is the problem of the world. But on the other hand we should also understand that in Pakistan the terrorist are produced more than any country of the world that is why Pakistan is called the TERRORIST FACTORY. The logic following is that, the Pakistani people are unqualified, poor and victims of War on Terrorism. Here people are very easily sold and purchased even at very low amount of money. They did not care of their lives. Due to lack of education they are convinced for suicide bombing. Today because of War on Terrorism we are paying uncountable amount every year. According to an officials figures the cost of this war is between $30-40 billion.


Due to bad environment (Law and Order) not only foreign investors are unwilling to invest here but our domestic investors are also. Our financial system is totally collapsed and our debt-trap is reduction day by day. As of December 2010, our total foreign debt was $58.5 billion. About 30% of GDP every year we are paying as Debt service.

Dependence on Aid.

In such state we have not any other alternative but to depend on Foreign Aid. Now it is ordinary that in exchange we have to cooperation on some issues. Today Drone attacks are the effect of that Aid.

The Social and Political discord.

Generally in our country there will be nothing but conflicts in every sector of Pakistan.

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Poverty Alleviation in Pakistan is remained at all times hot issue. Every consecutive Government starts its hold programs to Alleviate Poverty in Pakistan. With the changing of government, the strategy/policy for Poverty Alleviation in Pakistan is also changed. Following are some measures which are in use in Pakistan for Alleviating Poverty in Pakistan.

1. Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund.

This fund was started in 2003 with the support of World Bank. (WB) As of 2010,

  • PPAF disbursed over Rs.13.85 billion through 96 Partner Organizations.
  • It had given 4.3 million micro-credit loans with 100% recovery.
  • It had financed just about in 128 districts or 85000 rural and urban settlements.

This fund is remain one of the most consecutive Poverty Alleviating Program in Pakistan.

2. Pakistan Remittance Initiative.

Pakistan Remittance Initiative is a joint application taken by State Bank of Pakistan, Ministries of Finance and Ministries of overseas Pakistanis. This initiative has been taken in order to facilitate the flow of remittance into Pakistanby the non-resident Pakistanis. Overseas Pakistanis or citizens alive abroad can remit their resources through this service free of charge and free of taxes. At the launching ceremonial Federal minister for Finance Mr. Tarin said: “we would be able to double the volume of remittance within two or three years”. This is the cause in 2010 Pakistanreceived about 8.5 billion dollar as a remittance, maximum in the history. This is the gift of present government and is hoped that it will play key role in Poverty Alleviation in Pakistan.

3. Benazir Income Support Program.

Benazir Income Support Program was initiated by Government of Pakistan with initial allotment of Rs.34 billion (US dollar 425 million something like) for the financial year 2008-09. The Program aimed at covering 3.5 million families in the financial year 2008-2009. The enrolled families are paid cash assistance of Rs.1000 per month at their doorsteps. This will increase 20 percent of income those families who are earning 5000/month. Besides this, following programs are undergoing with the association of Benazir Inxome Support Program. This is one of the peak programs of Poverty Alleviation in Pakistan.

  • Waseela-e-Haq                                 Micro-credit loans
  • Waseela-e-Rozgar                           Job oriented and technical courses
  • Waseela-e-Sehet                             Health Insurance

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Due to raise in the prices of petroleum products, electricity and natural gas as well as food substance flour, sugar and meat the Poverty Rate in Pakistan is elevated day by day. Besides these factors, there are so many other factors for which Poverty in Pakistan is un controllable . The present Government of Pakistan announced 2011 as the year of citizens. In the 2011-2012 Budget, there is an raise of about 98 percent in the community subdivision growth Programs (PSDP). It is hoped that by growing in the PSDP there will be reduce in the Poverty rate or Poverty row.

2004-05                                29.2 percent

2007-08                                34.8 percent

2008-09                                36.2 percent

2009-10                                40 percent(World Bank)

2011 Same of 2010 rate because no executive

Figure is released for the poverty rate of 2011

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