In this modern period, the involvement of Education in the increase and growth scenario of a country is generally recognized. In Pakistan, in addition Government, there are lots of national and international NGOs which are running for the happiness of Literacy in Pakistan. But due to lack of monitoring, intelligibility and fraud, all the labors went into hopeless and the ship of Literacy in Pakistan is reducing.

For the brilliant future of Pakistan the Literacy sector should be better otherwise the position would be more worsened. According to the some most important Educationalists and Researchers, the administration should increase the share of Education subdivision from the current 2.2 percent to 5 percent.

The Literacy in Pakistan is accepted out in three unusual values.

1. Public Schools or Government Schools

These schools are managed and financed by the government. fortunately, the popular of the schools are in poor stipulation.

  • There is no one merit system teachers and other staff are selected by the ministers on their own needs.
  • There is no any responsibility a large number of (GHOST SCHOOLS AND GHOST TEACHERS) are planned in the documents. They are getting funds and pays, but, in actuality they did not exists.
  • In countryside areas, the buildings of public schools are generally held by Waderas and Feudal. They use them as wedding halls, sitting rooms etc.

Public schools are the nurseries of all vice and dissolution.

     2. Elite class schools (Private Schools)

Suitable to poorly failure of government in providing the Education, this elite class standard got success very quickly. Today, even poor prefer to send their child in these private schools. There is responsibility, clearness and inspection structure. Due to their high fees structure a large figure of poor people are incapable to be part of these schools. For government these are consecutive models i.e.CITYSCHOOL,BEACONSCHOOLS, PAK-TURK SCHOOLS etc.

      3. Madarsas (Muslim Places)

Madarsas are the leading NGOs of the world. Today inPakistanabout 8000 Madarsas are functioning. They offer not only education but also adjustment and food. They offer Islamic as well as worldly wise education. Mostly, poor people who are incapable to meet the expenditures of their child send them into Madarsas. If government establish some reforms and make some policies then these Madarsas can be very favorable. This will lessen the economic trouble of the government.

It is commonly established that, the standard of Elite Class Education System is more responsible and first-rate than Public Schools and Madarsas. usually, the graduates of private schools are more capable than those of public schools and Madarsas. If this tendency continues then within some years Higher Education will be unfamiliar invention inPakistan.

Pakistanlike many growing countries faces many Challenges in Education and literacy department. Here every person talks about the easy reachable and affordable of Education but no one think about how to get better the quality of Education. This department is politicized, every government try to get better the literacy rate by hook or crook.

Today, we have just 58 percent literacy rate. common of university graduates are B.As and M.As, they have very incomplete options. Our government is constantly ignoring the technological and Female Education. while, the graduates of most important Universities or those who are rich in Intellectual control are reluctant to stay inPakistan since of so many reasons; this phenomenon is called Brain-Drain.

The government should be aware of the gravity of problem as fast as potential. If these trends continue then the Literacy in Pakistan will be dropped in upcoming years.

Literacy Day:   8th September

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